Web Site Submission In Related Directories

Directory Submissions

Web site submission in related directories is a search engine optimization process to increase link popularity. Directory submissions are done manually to make sure that the web site is submitted in the most appropriate category of directory.

  1. We search for directories related to client’s web site.
  2. The web site is manually submitted in the most appropriate category of the web directory.
  3. Responses are worked upon, if there is any change desired, it is corresponded to the client.
  4. Report of successful directory submissions is generated.
  1. Each directory and categories within them should be researched individually.
  2. Formulate the description that suits the particular category the best.
  3. Always add the home page first and then the inner pages should be added to a directory in well-researched categories.
  4. Special feature of your organization or services should be highlighted in description.
  5. For different categories use different descriptions.
  6. Follow the directories rule for length of descriptions in terms of number of words.
  7. Keep track of your dates of submission, categories, descriptions, and titles.


NOTE: Always use the directories submissions carefully. To see your web site appear on the top of the directories queries then make sure that title, description and category should contain the keywords and is well written. We have to make sure that the content added should be good and should contain information related to the category of the directory.

Directory submission of web sites proves an effective medium of increasing link popularity of the website thereby optimizing the website for search engines. This activity increases the web site presence on the Internet. It not only increases the inward links on a web site but also helps in spreading business on the web.