Copy Writing And Content Development

Content is the king for a web site. Copy of the web site gives life to the web site. Effective copy writing gives a boost to search engine optimization. Copy writing is just not only about providing information about the services offered by the web based company but also about how we use keywords in the matter. We have to make sure that the reader find the content interesting and meaningful. So instead of referring it as copy writing, we should rather call it content development.

Copy writing is done with an aim of communicating effectively our ideas and services to people who visit our website. In the process of writing copy we have to be particular about proper distribution of keywords in the content for SEO purposes.

  1. Our copywriters understand the requirements of the copy.

  2. Appropriate keywords to be included in the content are identified.

  3. Content architecture is developed.

  4. Copywriters start working on writing as per the content architecture taking care of title, description and keywords for that particular page.

  5. Copy is checked for errors.

  6. The content is sent to web designer/ developer for proper placement and uploading.

  1. While writing, correct use of grammar and spellings should be done. Spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar can ruin the message of the copy.

  2. The content developed should be original and should not be taken from other sources.

  3. If some matter is taken from some source, due reference should be given. Also it should be made sure that the owner of the content does not have any issues in letting you copy the content.

  4. When the copy is uploaded on the web, it is good to have interlinking of web pages done. This not only makes the website more informative but also helps in search engine optimization.

  5. While providing internal-links, linking using the key terms should be done.
    The copy written should be lively, clear and natural.

  6. Usage of bold statement while writing copy should be made where ever it is found appropriate.

  7. While writing a copy follow the KISS strategy (Keep it short and simple)

Writing content is a narrative art in which the words used by the narrator are instrumental in determining the success of the article. It is enhanced by the objective language that builds credibility. The meaning or message contained and is communicated may have intellectual, symbolic, thematic, and narrative connotation.

Writing for the Web is a very different medium than writing for print documents and publications. On the web, the magnitude of copywriting and content ought to be amplified because this is the only way one can communicate with their customer. Dynamism, colloquial flow and jargon are some of the aspects of the web copy writing skills.

Web site copywriting services amalgamate strong, call-to-action copy combined with effectual search engine optimization to deliver the content that perks up the rankings of the web-sites rankings, draw targeted, ready-to-buy traffic, thereby convincing them to take the desired action. The search engine market is growing at a great rate of knots and since at least 98% of the searches are text based searches, the evolved search engine algorithms that are human-centric logics seek content that is relevant to the search conducted by the surfer. Good content writing accelerates the link building process that helps make the websites available to a wider span of qualified buyers.