Web Designing

Aesthetics of a web site speaks about professionalism in a company as well as it tells about the mind set of companies management. Good design coupled with proper information and functionality can makes wonders to online business.

We create web site designs and graphics for web promotion campaigns, product display, concept presentations etc.

Photoshop, Flash, Flash MX, 2- D, 3 - D, Corel Draw,  Imageready and MS paint.

Web site Designing 
Flash Presentations 
Logo Designing. 
Graphic Designing  
Banners Designing. 
Advertisement Designing. 
Web design change and redesigning.

  • Keep the page size small
    Small page size makes the web site to load faster. Long blocks of texts should be broken into pages.
  • Set ALT image tags
    ALT tags are seen as we take the cursor on a image. They describe the image. These are helpful when some people have their graphics turned off. In some cases people with visual impairment may use text-to-speech web browser. Such browsers uses tags to imprint. Also search engines also include use of ALT tags in their ranking system.
  • Use style sheet
    Style sheets should be used to give a constant look to web site. They also help to keep the HTML light. Use of style sheet allows change in color and font of whole text easily.
  • Use a descriptive title
    Use the main keywords in the title. The title plays a important role in search engines ranking for a particular keyword.
  • Make a Site Map
    A site map is a list of web pages of a particular web site. You can find all the pages from site map page so it acts a a guide for visitors. Also it is very useful to search engine spiders.
  • Use shortcuts
    Use of shortcuts is very much encouraged while making a web site. These help to make changes easy and fast. The changes can be made in whole site having thousands of pages by just changing one file. We do not need to upload the changed files for every pages.
  • Optimize your graphics
    We need to have user in our mind to see which graphics are to be used. Bitmaps are not suitable for web. Generally JPEGs and GIFs are preferred. JPEGs are best for photographs. You should have images between 5 and 20 k for use in general text. We should make sure that images should not take much time to download.
  • Validate your pages
    Have your web pages get validated by World Wide Web or W3C validation services. Valid web pages performs well in search engines rankings.
  • Recycle where possible
    Try and keep navigation bars, headers, logos etc. consistent through out the whole web site.