SEO and Copy Writing

Copywriting is the art of marketing and selling with words. While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of techniques designed to improve the ranking of a web site in search engine listings. First and foremost goal of SEO is advancing the goals of a web site by improving the number and quality of visitors.

Methods usually approved by SEO are building content and improving site quality. A study has found out that 54 percent of users review only the first page of search result, and 19 percent stop after the second page. Now, if you are having a web site that pops up in the 4,500th on the result list of a major search engine, this is considered as poor search engine results. Clearly few people will view your website. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in.

Search Engines Optimization includes Copywriting for the reason of ranking website high in the search engines. This system is also known as SEO Copywriting or writing for search engines, this involves writing the viewable text on a web page in such a way that it reads well for the surfer. The idea behind SEO Copywriting is that search engines want genuine content pages and not additional pages. These genuine content pages are created for the sole purpose of achieving high rankings.

In order to be found by people who show interest in the product or services you provide, your web site should be highly ranked for keywords related to your products or services. To get high ranks, the content of your web site should be well optimized. Well written and optimized content is not only indexed with search engines but also visually interesting and help to make an accidental visitor into a steadfast customer. Copywriting usually sells or promotes someone or something, to buy your products or service. This is why Search Engine Optimization goes hand in hand with copywriting.

Many web site owners spend much more time designing a professional looking web site than writing effective sales copy. However without effective sales copy your web site will not have an impact. Effective copy-writing is to learn how to write persuasive words in order to reach the targeted customers with the expected results. Customer needs must be understood and a copy should be written with passion, excitement and benefit.

Search Engine Optimization copywriting and blog writing works for suitable websites/ blogs and for suitable search terms. SEO Copywriting can achieve ranks that tend to do well across the search engines, even though no page can do equally well in all engines.

You want a website with enough of the right keywords to attract the search engines; however a copy with so many keywords tends to sound silly to the people who read it. This confirms that search engine copywriting is a balance between satisfying your website’s human visitors and search engines spiders. Basically you fill your web site with the most commonly searched words or ‘’Keywords’’ within your industry. Web researchers mainly type these keywords into search engine boxes when looking for information. Your work will be to find out what those words are, and then add them to your website content and web theme.

As spiders from the top search engines crawl the web they will index your content using the keyword you have placed strategically all over. This will make you rank high in your content category.