Link Building Services

Link Building Explained

Link building is an activity to promote a web site by giving links on other RELATED websites. Link building not only increases the base of a website on internet but also helps in achieving higher search engine rankings. Link building is an important part of search engine marketing strategy. Website promotion is greatly enhanced by text based or banner based link exchanges. To rank on top of search engines, an aggressive but correct link exchange process needs to be followed. Generally link building process is done on related websites with good page rank (PR). Higher the PR of a website, more it is advantageous to get link from it. Websites are also promoted by listing in e-zines, newsletters, blogs, directories and search engines.

Types of link building activities:

  • Inbound link building: This activity aims at getting links from other websites. This kind of link building is desired for search engine marketing and optimization as search engines give a better weightage to inbound links as compared to reciprocal links (explained below). Below is a diagram to show the inbound link building.
  • Reciprocal link building: In this activity we not only get links from other website but also have their links on our website. Reciprocal link building or rather reciprocal link exchange of our websites with web pages having high page rank (PR) is favorable for search engine optimization when we cannot get inbound links from such websites. Below is diagram to explain reciprocal link building process.
  • Outbound link building: This is an activity in which we give link of some other website on our web site. This is something that should be avoided like anything but to make site informative, we may need to give some out-bound links to websites. Below is a diagram to explain outbound links.
  • Link Building - 3 Way : In 3 way link building our aim is to have a link from a website having good page rank on our website. In return we link their website from our other related website or directory. This process enables to have even more one way (inbound) links on our main website. This is one of the lates link building process being followed.

Link building Process

We at BestSEOServices follow manual link building process. Following points will describe the process of link building to achieve high ranks in search engines.

  • Our SEO experts identify the keywords related to clients web site. It is done in two steps. Firstly the main set of keywords is selected by analyzing the nature and aim of the website. In next step other related key terms are selected by using popular websites like wordtracker and overture. Like this we select the keywords which form the basis of our website search for link building.
  • Our executives search major search engines for websites with good page rank (PR) using the list of keywords generated. In some cases websites have functionality of filling up a form to add up link. We also perform back link search for other related or similar websites having good search engine rankings and PR.
  • Each website is contacted with a request for getting links on their website. Special care is taken that our client’s website links are not added up in link farms.
  • The responses are acted upon with sheer professionalism to get maximum output of link building process.
  • Either our clients can add up link or we do it for them using the FTP information provided. Our aim in the link building process is primarily to get inbound links to rank high in search engines.

Free Linking Tips

  • Link farms are a big no in link building activity. We do not get our links in link farms as search engines consider having sites in link farms as spamming. Search engines are implementing procedures to expel sites participating in link farms.
  • While sending e-mails special care has to be taken to prevent spamming of e-mails.
  • Irrelevant sites should be avoided for link exchange.

Link Building Report

For reporting purpose we use excel sheet. The report can also be provided in the format desired by the client. here is link building report format.